Application Of Android For Android

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There are numerous advancements in technology since past few years especially in Mobile technology. A great evolution has also been done in operating systems as well. Different Mobile operating systems are available in the market for smartphones which includes Android, IOS, Windows mobile, Blueberry OS, Symbian OS and many more. The most popular among all are Apple IOS but the newest and popular as well is Android. It doesnot only contains Operating system but also middle ware and key applications. It is the First Open Source Operating system. The OS of android is based on Linux Kernel and it was developed by OHA (Open Handset Alliance). An abstraction layer is provided by Linux kernel between Hardware and the rest Stack. Furthermore, Android SDK also gives the necessary APIs and tools in order to develop android applications using the java programming language. Special user interfaces of android exist like Android TV that for television channels, Android wear for wrist watches and Android Auto for cars. HISTORY:
Android incorporation was founded in October 2003 in Palo Alto, California However, it was bought by Google later on 17August, 2005. Android was founded by Andy Rubin along with Chris white, Nick Sears worked in collaboration on the mobile platform which is based on Linux Kernel. Along with the inauguration of OHA, android was shown up officially in the year 2007. It (OHA) is a kind of consortium that comprises of various software and hardware
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