Application Of Application And The Database

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Applications seem to perform slowly when faced with a huge number of usages. Connectivity testing

In this testing process, the connection between the application and the database is tested. The tester should check to see whether the user can store their data in the available database. The following steps were carried out to test the connectivity:
a. Start the application
b. Open the registration field and insert required data
c. Click create account
d. Now, open the database and open the respective table
e. Check whether the data entered was stored.
f. Data entered was stored successfully and found.
5.8. User acceptance testing

This process is carried out to test the application has the required user functions. For this test, I
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Law and regulations of the nation where the app is built or launched should be properly followed. In the UK, there are laws to protect the user data and privacy i.e.: Data protection act 1998 and computer misuse act 1990 to protect the mishandling of a computer.
Also, the developer has to ensure that the app doesn’t have a negative impact on the society or environment. For the current application, there is no such impact.

5.10. System documentation
After completing the testing of the app, we have to finalise the system documentation. After this only, we can carry out the quality assurance test and evaluate the app.
The system documentation includes:
1. The project report
2. Maintenance documentation
3. User manual

5.10.1. Project report

This is the final report which is produced alongside the development of the application. It is the complete report and includes whole development details of the project. From introduction, literature review of the case study, system development lifecycle to the design, developing, testing and evaluating of the application. This report is the step by step detailed report of successful project completion.
Alongside this final report, we also have to produce maintenance documentation for the application and user manual on how to use the application.
5.10.2. Maintenance documentation
Maintenance documentation is produced to ensure that user is able to use the app. This
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