Application Of Attachment Theory On The Strange Situation

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Application of Attachment Theory to Lars’ Relationships
Attachment theory is based on John Bowlby’s belief that humans are inclined to connect with others affectionately and use these connections as a safe place in time of stress or trouble (Sable, 2008). These attachments are primarily formed at birth with the primary caregiver, but can Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, pioneers in the theory suggest that the theory continues throughout the lifespan. Ainsworth suggests in the “Strange situation” that there are three attachment styles, namely secure, insecure ambivalent/resistant, and insecure avoidant (Sable, 2008).
Application of Attachment theory to Lars’ relationship with Bianca Insecure ambivalent attachment typically evolves as a response to needs not being met in an either timely or effective manner (Shilkret & Shilkret, 2011). According to Hazan and Shaver, Attachment of this style may express a desire to be close to the partner and anxiety about whether the partner wants to stay in the relationship (Hazan & Shaver, 1987). This attachment is evidenced in Lars relationship with Bianca through the pattern of clingy and dependent behaviors alternating with anger (Shilkret & Shilkret, 2011). Lars cut wood with Bianca watching, took Bianca to parties, took her to church, and took her on shopping trips, he spent the majority of his free time in her presence. Although Bianca is there for Lars in many instances, when she is absent at moments that he desires her, his anger is shown
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