Application Of Best Practice Recruitment And Selection Process Essay

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This study has been prepared to help the Master students in the application of best practice in the recruitment and selection procedure. This, in turn, bears out the broader aims of meeting workforce capability needs. This study presents an end-to-end best practice recruitment and selection process, from planning to evaluation. As well as developing students’ knowledge of recruitment/selection and reviewing practices used to manage difficult situations the work also aims to help student develop a range of skills, which are pivotal for successful HR practice and managing people. 1.1 Planning the recruitment and selection procedure Upfront planning includes thinking about the steps in the recruitment and selection and scheduling the activity, resources and time support the process. Planning is essential in the recruitment and selection process as it insures the best possible operation is followed. It serves to manage time constraints and streamlines the recruitment and selection process for both the organisation and applicants. Planning is all-important as it allows analysis and blueprint of the position to be satisfied to be according to what the organisation needs at the time and in the time to come. The release of a staff member provides an opportunity to see and examine whether the spot it should vary in parliamentary procedure to offer increased benefit to the organization. Good planning also positively affects an applicant’s experience of the recruitment and selection
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