Application Of Building A Community Based Organization

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I worked as a student intern with Prerana in Mumbai, India during 2007-2008. Prerana is a registered voluntary non-governmental organization (NGO), which recognizes itself both as an organization and a social movement. The basic aim of the organization is to work with women and their children affected by trafficking. The scope of the agency ranged from working at micro-individual to macro-structural level reforms (Patkar & Patkar, 2000). At the time I started my internship at the organization it was in transition and was looking to expand their scope of service provision. As an intern I was asked to work directly with the clients and help build a community-led-organization of the participating female sex workers living with HIV/AIDS. It is important I point out here that I do recognize; the process of building a community based organization (CBO) is a long-term and continuous process (Jana, Basu, Borus & Newman, 2004). I did however take over the task hoping to at least initiate the process of building a community-based intervention. I shall share a case study from this social work practice experience and help provide a linkage between theory and practice. The name of the client has been changed to uphold confidentiality, one of the first values we learn as a practicing social worker. ‘Shanti is a forty year old woman, who continues to face a lot of struggle as a sex worker. She hails from Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been living in the red-light trafficking area for almost…
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