Application Of Cellulases On Juice Recovery

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Application of Cellulases on Juice Recovery Introduction Cellulose is the most abundant compound produced from stalks, leaves, and stems (Shankar, 2011). The use of enzymes in the food industry provides safer and higher quality products. Cellulases are enzymes which break down the sugar cellulose. Cellulase enzymes are produced by fungi, animals, plants, and bacteria. (Zhang 2013) The cellulase enzyme has been used for various industry applications such as the textile industry, paper industry, and juice industry. Cellulases link beta, 1,4 linkages in the cellulose chains (Zhang 2013). There are three types of cellulase enzymes: endoglucanases, exoglucanases, and beta-glucosidases. Exoglucanases act on the reducing or non-reducing ends of cellulose (Zhang, 2013). Endoglucanases cut the nonreducing ends of cellulose or the beta-1,4-bonds. Endoglucanases are also produced by bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals (Zhang,2013). Lastly, beta-glucosidases are produced by archaea, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals and are known for degrading cellobiose (Zhang, 2013). All three forms of cellulases are produced from animals, bacteria, and plants. The purpose of this paper will be to discuss mainly the cellulase enzyme and its effect on the juice industry in addition to other applications of cellulase, and how cellulase behaves in combination with other enzymes such as pectinase and xylanase. 1. Beverage Industry Fruit contains a cell wall which consists of 10% proteins and 90%

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