Application Of Cloud Computing Technology

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Application of Cloud Computing Technology in University Environments Rupen Shah-1283385 ISAM 5330 | University of Houston – Clear Lake | Dr. Gokhan Gercek July 2014 1. Introduction Universities which play the fundamental role in cultivating tomorrow’s society are nowadays facing difficulties in terms of providing the necessary resources which are essential in the educational needs .This brought the need of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing provides the necessary flexibility over the Internet in delivering the models that uses powerful systems and networks having distributed hardware and the software. The use and cost of cloud computing varies depending on the user and how much he uses it. In this paper, I discuss about basic concepts of cloud computing along with its current and future applications, technical issues, trade-offs and highlight on how on cloud computing Technology can be implemented in university environment making an effort to reduce the cost and improve service. This technology named as Cloud Technology or Cloud Computing was just a buzzword during the early 2010 but became more prominent and was widely adopted by 2012.Internet in other terms can be termed as a “cloud”. There are two words that define Cloud computing the most: Web Applications. Any organization using huge clusters of computers which require high performance through the host of services available use cloud computing. [1, 2] Most of the established organizations use Cloud computing
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