Application Of Constructivist Grounded Theory

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Following the underpinning philosophical perspectives mentioned earlier, the researcher decided to choose qualitative research method, as theories are developed by people involving their routines daily (Flick, 2009). This is very much related to the view of social constructionism view for the research. In order to ensure the research to become rigorous and to achieve the comprehensible objective, qualitative method will be a practical way of conducting research (Tracy, 2010). Studying entrepreneurship makes it sensible for qualitative research method because it involves “real-world situation” (Yin, 2010) and contains collaboration with the community. This research will use case study with the application of constructivist grounded theory method (Charmaz and Smith, 2003; Glaser et al., 1968) as it intended to develop theory from the emerging themes and interests (Charmaz, 2008). It is the most relevant method to apply as the researcher has similar background and interests with the participants (Charmaz and Smith, 2003) plus similar passion making it highly impossible for her to make use of the their background stories and natural proclivities (Mills et al., 2006). Charmaz (2008) emphasises that Glaser and Strauss are both “objectivists” (Easterby-Smith et al., 2012) and do not comply with a subjectivist’s view of research.

As Gioia and Chittipeddi (1991) assert in their study that interpretivism implies that the researcher must “be grounded” in the culture of the
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