Application Of Electronic Commerce ( E Commerce ) On Small Medium Enterprise ( Sme )

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Academic Writing and Research Skills (8733)
Semester 2, 2014

Student Name : Oka Mardian
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Date : 13 October 2014
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Implementation of electronic commerce (e-commerce) on Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

In this globalization era, new businesses are emerging and developing very rapidly where competition between businesses are becoming more aggressive. This situation may impact on small business or familiar with small and medium enterprise (SME). In order to survive and stay competitive, SMEs implements a vary of approaches or strategies, such as by adopting internet-based or web based (e-commerce) in their business. Many studies argued that e-commerce is very useful for SME in order to face the competitive challenges in the global market. E-commerce is believed can influence performance. However, to adopt this application there are several obstacle that is faced by SMEs. Therefore, this essay would like to discuss how e-commerce provide benefit to SMEs and what the obstacles faced by SME in order to adopt this technology.

SME is a small business, which is differs with big companies. The definition of SME in one country may be different between other countries. Each country has its own consideration to classify a business as SME. Gilaninia, Danesh, Amiri, Mousavian and Eskandarpour (2011) mentioned that the criteria of business that can be categorized as SME,
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