Application Of Electronic Information Systems Essay

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Use of electronic information systems is a strategic idea that any organization can adopt. Information systems help organizations to store information in an organized format that can be easily retrieved. Proponents of using information systems in hospitals argue that it guarantees the safety of information for both the patient and the provider by making it easy to store and access health care information. It’s a shift from the manual hard copy store of data on databases (Beaumont, 2000).
According to Grooves et al(2013) Health informatics entails the interaction of computer science, information technology and healthcare. This is the use of hardware and software resources to store health related information. Heath informatics enables the storage, retrieval and processing of health data easily. This data is stored on a database that keeps all the information according to the format that the administrator has assigned it. This overview is guided by the outlined questions that are highlighted.
Fundamentals of database characteristics and structure
A database is a collection of data that is related that can be produced to information that is relevant to the user. A database is large since it has to store a lot of information ranging from figure to word. Beaumont(2000) argues that data represents facts that are recorded and can be processed to produce information that is based on the facts that are stored in the database. These data is maintained as a collection of
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