Application Of Enterprise Resource Planning

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Enterprise application- It is difficult to maintain a different kind of systems in one organization, So the solution is to implement the Enterprise application. Enterprise applications are the software application used by the enterprise users for performing business related tasks. It helps businesses become more flexible and productive by organizing their business processes more closely. There are 4 major enterprise applications 1.Enterprise resource planning 2.Supply chain management 3.Customer relationship management 4.Knowledge management system As per the project we are mainly concentrate on enterprise resource planning. Enterprise resource planning- Enterprise resource planning is a type of software Functionality- It provides an…show more content…
Microsoft dynamics ERP It contains a group of enterprise resource planning products primarily adapted to average size companies with simple corporate structures. Microsoft dynamics bringing the applications that run your finances, sales and operation together with familiar Microsoft office apps that we already known. With the cloud technologies, Microsoft dynamics ERP provides to work anywhere, anytime, across your device. It includes four products 1. Microsoft dynamics AX It is an enterprise resource planning system suitable for average size to large companies. It is designed to help companies to work together across countries and locations by standardizing procedures and helping to simplify compliance. 2. Microsoft dynamics GP It helps organization to gain control over their financials, and better deal with their inventory and operations, and make better decisions that helps in business success. It is fast to execute and simple to use. 3.Microsoft dynamics NAV It is designed to help organizations to gain control over their financials and they can also simplify their supply chain, manufacturing and operations. 4. Microsoft dynamics SL It is suitable for project based small and mid-size companies. It serves unique industries like construction, government contracting and professional services and engineering. Above figure demonstrates the number of
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