Application Of Erp Using Sap

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ERP 901 Introduction to ERP using SAP: Summer 2015,
1a. Describe the Definition of the SAP.
SAP stands for Systems Applications and products in Data processing. SAP was founded by five IBM colleagues at Germany in 1972. SAP is centralized enterprise management system which is also known as Enterprise resource planning (ERP), which can allow enterprise to track business and customer. SAP can help to reduce cost and improve resource across the business. It can provide end to end solution and sharing common information with employee.
1b.Describe THOUGHTFULLY why it is important to know the definition, current situation and importance of the SAP.
In current situation, SAP is number one business in enterprise computing and number third in largest software company. SAP is entered in almost all industries. There are so many old companies around us from long time are also using SAP. For example TATA. Tata was established in 1868 and now entered in different segment .SAP ERP is the most important software of their company. More than 180k customers uses SAP system to execute their business. ERP is the one of the most important software for enterprise to run their business. It is kind of their requirement. SAP skill is now a day’s necessary factor to get successful carrier.

1c.Describe THOUGHTFULLY how you learned to understand the concept of the SAP. Give two (2) examples from your personal experience of each learning…
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