Application Of Facts Devices On Disturbed Power Systems

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APPLICATION OF FACTS DEVICES IN DISTURBED POWER SYSEMS-MODELING, INTERFACE AND CONTROL STRATEGY . P.Rajesh babu. Assistant Professor Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Sri Vasavi Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Nandamuru, Krishna(Dt); Andhra Pradesh, India. M.Eswar Chand Assistant Professor Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Sri Sunflower College Of Engineering & Technology, Lankapalli. Krishna(Dt); Andhra Pradesh, India. Abstract—This paper describes the theory and simulation by mat lab of flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices used in the disturbed power systems. One of these devices, Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) will be chosen for a specific application, detailed in this paper. Simulation investigate the effect of UPFC on the voltage of the related bus, it’s also considers the effect on the amount active and reactive power flowing through the transmission system. Finally simulation results have been presented to indicate the improvement in the performance of the UPFC to control voltage in disturbed power systems. Index Terms — Facts, UPFC, Power Systems, disturbances, Interface, Modeling, Controls. I. INTRODUCTION The term ”FACTS” (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) covers several power electronics based systems used for AC power transmission and distribution. The most interesting for transmission
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