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Scenario Our Palm Beach Gardens medical office introduced a new patient check in procedure by using kiosks. My role was to communicate with vendors, suppliers, EMR software technicians, installation contractors, physician and practice owner, staff and patients about the purchase, installation and training with the new kiosk check in process. This sophisticated technological check in process is user friendly and reduces the check in time significantly. The kiosk allows the patients to check in for their appointments, verify their demographics, verify their insurance information, and sign off on five office documents. Patients will also be able to activate their patient portal access, edit and update their demographic and insurance…show more content…
The EMR technician seemed to be uncertain and kept putting me on hold. Frankly she gave me the impression that this was her first day on the job. At the end of the session I still had questions on how some of the features worked such as when does the camera prompt to update a photo of a new insurance card? At what point are the patients given the options to authenticate? The technician was unable to answer any of these questions which I felt were part of the set up and installation process. Could this have been a language barrier again? Or did I annoy her with all my questions? Another communication challenge that I faced was with the staff and patients. I needed to convince both staff and patients that the kiosks are user friendly thus, making the check in process much faster than checking in with the receptionist. I could hear the tone of reluctance, apprehensiveness and fear from both the staff and patients as we began using the kiosks. Providing and communicating clear training and instructions on the use of the kiosks was essential to the success of this new procedure. Strategies The strategy that I used to resolve the customer service issue was to request the manual which contained the product specifications and the installation instructions to the kiosks. After reviewing the specifications and installation instructions, I could plan exactly how many kiosks to purchase

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