Application Of Five Project Management Process Groups

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A successful project requires effective management with the application of five project management process groups. Those five process groups are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Each process consists of inputs, outputs, tools and techniques. Throughout the project, each process group acts as a guide for project managers and their team to apply appropriate knowledge and skills in order to meet project objectives. As with every project, project teams will face challenges in each of the five process groups. First, the initiating process group consists of processes “performed to define a new project or a new phase of an existing project by obtaining authorization to start the project or phase” (PMI 49). In other words, a project manager needs proper authorization before beginning the project. To start this process group, a project sponsor must identify the business case and the stakeholders. From the business case, the project sponsor performs a feasibility analysis to determine if the technical and financial resources are available and if the project brings business value (Portny 15). The brainstorming with internal and external stakeholders helps to define the project objectives, initial scope, and project boundaries. This process group produces the stakeholder register and project charter. A project charter documents the gathered information and formalizes the authorization for a chosen project manager. When the collection of
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