Application Of Information And Communication Technology

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1. INTRODUCTION In this section, a brief overview of the research topic will be looked into which defines the key concepts, gives description of context and scope of the investigation. This section also provides the aims and objectives of the research topic. Finally, the methodology of the research study will be discussed. 1.1 TITLE The limitations challenging further integration of information and communication technology (ICT) in Nigeria’s secondary schools: An assessment through secondary school teachers and students. 1.2 REASON FOR CHOICE OF TOPIC Over the past decade, technology has had far-reaching impact on the way we live, changing the way we work, learn, and communicate - even the way we carry out our regular, daily activities (Seifer and Mihalynuk, 2003). The role of ICT in education extends beyond service-learning classes and activities by providing more effective experiences for faculty, students and community participants (Seifer and Mihalynuk, 2003). The need for ICT in Nigerian secondary schools cannot be overemphasized. In this technology-driven era, everyone needs ICT competence to thrive (Adomi and Kpangban, 2010). Although efforts have been made to ensure that ICTs are available and utilised in Nigerian secondary school. However, the level of inculcation remains low (Adomi and Kpangban, 2010). Goshit (2006) found out that most schools, both private and public, do not offer ICT training programmes. The Federal Government of Nigeria, in the National
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