Application Of Information System And Decision Making Capacity Essay

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Application of Information System by Snapdeal
Kashyap Pd. Marahatta
BUS 530 Managing Information System and Technology
Professor: Dr. Marko Nino
Westcliff University

This paper will talk about a company that has utilized information system in a management and decision making capacity. Further, it will discuss how the company has gained competitive advantage using the information system technologies. It will also discuss about the implementation plans for using the information systems and disseminate information. And finally, this paper will try to see if the management of information system would assist in decision making.

Application of Information System by Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace was started by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal in the month of February of 2010. After just six years of operation, it has the widest assortment of 30,000,000+ products across 800+ diverse categories which are from more than 125,000 national, regional and international retailers and brands (Snapdeal, 2016). Snapdeal now has more than a million users and more than 300,000 sellers and delivers the products in more than six thousand cities in India. With this, it has now become a shopping destination for almost all internet users across India. The journey and history of Snapdeal can be summarized in the following timeline:

According to Ajayi and Omirin (2007), management information system, can simply be understood as an
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