Application Of John Bowlby's Attachment Theory

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Laura is a 47 year- old woman who currently resides with her common-law partner of 15 years. She was referred by her family physician for treatment of depression. This paper will use the Attachment theory in trying to aid Laura with her problems.
Client’s Problem Being Discussed
Laura was raised in a two parent household with two younger brothers. Laura’s mother although a nurse stayed home to raise her and her siblings. He mother was the matriarch of the family and her father worked as a pharmacist. During her childhood, her parents fought frequently and would use corporal punishment. Her mother gave her the impression that she was a devious, wicked child that needed discipline to hinder that wickedness. She thinks that her mother suffered from depression but is not sure. Her mother did not show her emotions. Her father did not show affection
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Anxiety and depression seem to be the major hurdles. The Attachment Informed Treatment method will be used to aid Laura in successfully conquering her problems.
Key Features of the Theory
John Bowlby is widely known for being the creator of the attachment theory. He came to view attachment not only as a key social requirement for human connections but also as a crucial evolutionary to survival behavior (Wang & Stalker, 2016, p. 159). The Attachment theory stems from getting all of your needs met from infancy to adolescence. If the caretaker was constantly meeting the child’s needs in a loving and sensitive manner then the child will start to develop a secure attachment style, that encourages the child to become independent, to cope with distress, to form adaptive relationships with others and to build a confident self-image (Burke, Danquah, & Berry, 2016). “From adolescence onward, we normally transfer our primary attachment from our parents to our peers, and typically, to a romantic partner” (Zeifman & Hazan,
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