Application Of Lean Six Sigma Essay

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Application of Lean Six Sigma in IT Industry Ashutosh Gavali, Kirti Upreti Abstract "If you do just Six Sigma, you 're not going to maximize the potential of your organization. You have to do both," - Mike Carnell, President of Six Sigma Applications As Lean matured and Six Sigma started to receive acceptance across organizations other than Motorola and Toyota, they both became successful and competing methodologies for business improvement. Today, several companies rest upon either Lean or Six Sigma in order to streamline and improve their processes. Smart companies however are finding ways to integrate both methodologies, under the umbrella of Lean Six Sigma (LSS). This paper deals with a case where a large software service provider firm LPS implemented lean Six Sigma methodology to improve upon the existing process outsourced by a large international client X1RT Ltd. Key Words: Automation, DMADV, Lean, Process Efficiency, Six Sigma 1. Introduction X1RT Ltd. is an IT organization and is a part of a large conglomerate X1R Group in USA. X1R group has its operations spread across various sectors like manufacturing, real estate, electronics etc. X1RT has a large part of its data processing operations being outsourced to LPS, a large Indian IT firm. Data analysts at LPS found out that a huge amount of time and effort was being wasted in verification of data. To resolve this problem, the analysts tried to implement lean six sigma technique to automate the manual process. The
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