Application Of Linux And Linux

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Topic 1 questions: Summary for topic 1:
This topic gives the introduction to Windows and Linux. It explains about Virtualization. Linux is used on virtual machine which actually doesn’t exist. Virtualization is creation of virtual version rather than the actual one, such as storage system, network server or virtual operating system. It also defines the host OS and Guest OS. On which the virtualization software runs is Host OS and the one we want to play with is the Guest OS. The host operating system is the primary or actual operating installed on the computer 's hard drive. The guest OS is the secondary OS installed under the host for the purpose of partitioning the disk. The guest operating system is either a part of partitioned
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for example 01. 02 . 03 . 04 The format of IPv6 is y : y : y : y : y : y : y : y : y : , where 'y ' is considered as segment seperated by colons ' : '. It must contain eight segments. however a short form of IPv6 can be written using specific notations. for example 2014 : bd8 : 1232 : 0000 : 0000 : 0001 : C0A8 : 1020 can be written as 2014 : bd8 : 1232 : : 1 : :C0A8 : 1232 ; where : : is considered as 0000. These IP address is nothing but he exact address of the computer just like a phone number. Consider a phone number like +61 3 53 232323 this shows where this number belong to like +61 3 53 means /Australia/Victoria/Ballarat and 232323 says to which person exactly it belongs to. Similar is the IP address.

IPv4 address uses 4 bytes first shows the network shows where in whole world and the last two bytes shows where exactly. Similarly in IPv6 of 16 bytes firts 8 bytes are netwrok and last 8 are nodes.

IP IPv4 address have three classes in it Class A : few big networks
1 byte network and 3 byte node
Class B: Medium sized networks 2 bytes are network and 2 bytes are nodes
Class C: A lot of small networks
3 bytes networks and only 1 byte node.

Task 1.2
Using pen and paper complete the following table. Once completed you may use a calculator (Windows calc for instance) to check that your answers are correct. Note – In the theory test and exam you will not be permitted to use a calculator.

Decimal Binary Octal
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