Application Of My Motion For Custody Of Our Children Essay

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1. I am the Petitioner of this divorce, and I submit this affidavit in support of my motion for custody of our (03) children: Thuyanh Pham (age: 14), Huyanh Pham (age: 10), and Adam Pham (age:2)
2. Respondent (Huy Pham, reside at 5521 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640) and I have been married for 15 years and have 3 children as said above.
3. Since the children were born, I have been their primary caregiver, I have been responsible for preparing their meal, getting them dressed, keep them safe and make sure everyone in my family receive necessary medical care. I have been working full time and have been the sole financial provider for the family rent, my children’s education cost, my family medical insurance, including my husband, my son’s music lesson, and my baby’s daycare. I have been in the emergency room for both my daughter and my son’s appendicitis surgery. I make all my family’s medical appointment, including my husband. I follow up with my children’s performance at school. I attend school- parent meeting. I have been always available for my children when they need me. I am with them when they are sick. My children are all closely bonded to me.
4. Respondent have been a neglect husband and father. He does not work full time and is not financially secured to support our family. In particular, he works several hours a week. While spending most of his time at home, he does not cook or does the laundry. While I appreciate that he takes the kids to school and pick them up

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