Application Of Organic Food System

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1-Access to adequate food is funda¬mental, Access to food must be ade¬quate in terms of quality and quantity. Access to adequate food has been defined in terms of intake of nutrients, calories and proteins. My ideas of providing adequate, nutrition food for more than 803 people is to introduce organic food system, and take it to the next level of production, which is the easiest way to produce or provide food for over 803 people in the next 20 of the reason is They’re healthier A few studies have suggested organic foods might be higher in nutrients than traditional non-organic food.
2- There are many ways and methods to increase safe water supplies. One of them is constructing more water catchment in Seattle houses due to the rain. Why? Because is a system of gutters and downspouts directs the rainwater collected by the roof to the storage cistern. It is very easy and fast way to get water from rain from cities like Seattle.
3-When a pest species develops resistance or tolerance to a pesticide, the resistant form of the pest can greatly increase its numbers over the normal levels that were common when the pesticide was effective. The resistant form has a competitive advantage over other members of the population. They are not "new" organism but are more adapted to the conditions prevailing in an area that is subject to the pesticide. Many pests reproduce quickly and heavily so the chance that some of them may be resistant is increased, and when resistant…

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