Application Of Piaget 's Theory Of Cognitive Development Essay

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7. Application of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development During free time in the classroom June was playing with the dolls, when Chloe saw that she asked “Let 's be mommies”. June agreed and they started playing. They were feeding and caring for the baby. Then Jason wanted to play with them and they told him he can play as long as he was the father. Chloe and Jason were parents of the same baby. Jason would go to work, while Chloe stayed home taking care of the baby. Then Chloe would go to work and Jason would care for the baby. Jackson and Troy were playing with cars, when Sarah picked up a car and started playing with them. They were making car noises and were pushing the cars with their hands. Then Chloe said “ I want to play” but there were no more cars. When Chloe did not find any car she took Sarah 's car. Sarah told her “no that 's my car” and tried to grab it back, which caused the car to fall. When the car fell one of the wheels of the car came out. Both Chloe and Sarah started crying saying that the car was hurt and they had to help the car. When the teacher heard their cry she came and asked what was going on. They told her about the car and then the teacher was able to put back the wheel of the car, which made the children happy again. According to Piaget, Chloe is in the preoperational stage. During that age children develop egocentric thinking, animistic thinking, make believe play, and etc. Chloe has developed and is going through almost all of these

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