Application Of Saliva As A Diagnostic Tool

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Application of saliva in biomedical research While saliva is mainly consisting of water, it also contains proteins in large number. Researchers have found that about 30% of blood proteins are also present in saliva, as well as containing hormones, antibodies that are also measured during the blood analyzes [2,9]. The similarities of components present in both blood and saliva allows the saliva to be an alternative for blood test in many cases. While blood test has been the most common method used when trying to determine the diagnostics of diseases. Blood analysis looks at compounds as they travel through the blood serum, most of which are protein bound, while saliva analysis looks at the compounds at the cellular level (the biologically active compounds) and therefore saliva is truly a representative of what is clinically relevant [2]. Many healthcare providers are using saliva analysis before continuing further with blood analysis. One of the advantage of saliva test as a diagnostic tool is the elimination of potential risk of contracting infectious disease as the risk involved with blood test. Compared to blood analysis, saliva has several key advantages including easy sample collection and processing, low cost, noninvasiveness and efficient method. While most people understand the importance of regular health check-up, most diseases are not capable of being detected until in their late stages. It is one of the reasons why researchers are focusing on using the disease

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