Application Of Science And Technology

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With the constant development of technology over the last few decades, there has been a constant increase in the demand of services by the human population. This has resulted in increased devotion of resources in the application of science and technology and hence overall increase in the need of better gadgets and technology. Over the ages, the increase in demand for the large scale production has resulted in forcing the manufacturing companies to outsource its intellectual property (IP) to foreign bodies. The increasing requirement is met, but it is paralleled with the increase in insertions of Hardware Trojans. These circuits affect the fundamental behavior of the end product in manners which can degrade their efficiency and also may be considered as a threat. With the insertion of such Trojans, there could be considerable damage done to the end product. Hence, increasing vulnerability in sectors such as government, military etc.
Integrated Circuits are considered as the roots for all present day electronic products. With increase in complexity of each product there is a necessity of better performance in the overall design. This comes with an increased investment of monetary funds to execute projects which can sustain the requirement of the final product. Before the product is ready to be released into the consumer market it should be designed to withstand attacks which may try to alter its behavior at any time later. Such attacks may be induced by either the foundry or…
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