Application Of Six Sigma Tools

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This project shows a medium-strength link to strategic imperatives. The goal of the project is to decrease process variability, increase the percentage of cases under the specification limit of 60 minutes, increase physician satisfaction, and to increase operating room capacity. The team claimed that the project provided several steps forward toward these goals for the hospital. Specifically, a fifteen percent improvement in average OR turnaround time, a thirty-two percent improvement in DPMO, an increase of OR capacity to 1,106 cases per year, and a gain in benefits of $1,355,282 annually. Even though the results of the projects are good compared to the goals, there is evidence showing that these results do not align well with its goals with organization objectives. They stated that they would like to compete in the marketplace, but they did not address inefficiencies at their source. In order to optimize quality, they should have optimized their service throughput and the bottom line.

Application of Six Sigma Tools
The project demonstrates a medium-strength application of Six Sigma tools. The project started with the organization surveying the internal organization to gather VOC information. The Likert scale was applied to identify the levels for the survey. The COPIS chart was used to map the processes of all service steps. A variety of tools to narrow the focus and statistically validate which factors contribute most to the level of process variation. Graphs and charts…
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