Application Of Six Sigma Tools

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The IT Call Center has a high link to strategic imperatives as shown by its desire to be more competitive and profitable. The company’s goal is to improve IT services for both online and call center support in order to increase customer satisfaction. This project is strategically crucial because data analysis shows a link between high customer satisfaction and new account growth thereby increasing overall profitability. Should the company decrease support costs per call at the call centers and high customer satisfaction help increase new account growth, the firm should see greater revenues of about $3 million and lower expenses, which impacts the overall critical financial metrics (Hallowell, p.6). Since senior management and the project team were able to define a couple key goals that, with improvement, can impact some of the company’s critical measures, the project’s overall link to strategic imperatives is high.
Application of Six Sigma Tools
The project executed by the firm demonstrates a high application of Six Sigma tools. Before the start of the actual project, senior management used benchmarking to establish the company’s position amongst industry competitors. After establishing that the firm is either below or well below the average of the industry and best-in-class groups, a Black Belt certified employee was tasked with reviewing data and selecting an accomplishable DMAIC project.
Continuing with the project, a logical flow of steps and processes was clearly…
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