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Software Engineering Students’ Names: Students’ IDs: Date: March 17, 2015 Table of Contents 1. Summary 3 1.1 The Main Practice Being Researched 3 1.2 Claimed Benefits or Challenges of Practice 3 1.3 Main Research Aim 4 1.4 The Relevance to Researchers and Practitioners 4 1.5 Data and Data Collection Process 5 1.6 Data Analysis Method 6 2. Main Conclusion of Paper and Evaluation 6 3. Credibility of the Research Paper 8 4. Old and New Paper 9 4.1 Old Referenced Paper from Alshayeb (2009)’s Paper 9 4.2 New Paper that Cites Alshayeb (2009)’s Paper 9 5. Comparison and Contrast the Two Papers 9 Table 1: Comparison and Contrast of Papers 10 Questions: 11 Learning: 11 Division of Work: 12 References: 13 1. Summary In this section, a summary is provided about the assigned articles as it is identified that which main practice has been discussed, its benefits and challenges, aim of the paper, relevance to researchers and practices, data collection and analysis. 1.1 The Main Practice Being Researched The main practice that has been researched by Cito et al., (2014) in their paper “The Making of Cloud Applications – An Empirical Study on Software Development for the Cloud” is cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to the applications, which are delivered as services over the internet as well as hardware and systems software in the datacenters that provide the services (Armbrust et al., 2010). Alshayeb (2009) in his paper of “Empirical investigation of

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