Application Of Solar Thermal Integration Technology Essay

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Solar thermal integration technology Effective use of renewable energy sources - solar energy resources Multifunctional building components formed , clever and efficient use of space Synchronized planning design, simultaneous construction and installation , saving installation costs of solar energy systems and construction costs Solar energy systems and building integration as a whole , does not affect the appearance of the building (Figure?) Figure ? Solar collector types Flat plate collector : overall good, long life , less failure, low security risk , cost and low cost All-glass vacuum tube collector : high efficiency, the four seasons can provide hot water for the Yangtze River, the Yellow River region of users is more appropriate Heat pipe solar collector : -40 ° C low temperature resistant , applicable to the three northeastern provinces , Inner Mongolia , Xinjiang, Tibet U -tube collector : suitable for applications requiring 70 ~ 900 ℃ high temperature hot water for industrial use Figure ? 3.2 Design Development (DD) The stage following the Schematic design stage is the Design development where all the previous decisions are worked out into much more details. In this new stage, the concept is taken into another level where a clear and harmonized description of all aspect of the design includes all the architectural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical system. They are worked out in order to provide a ground for the preparation of the
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