Application Of Sub Elements Of Communicative Competence

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During a pilot of the observation checklist, the researcher attended class for more than one week and quietly observed the teachers, writing down the information related to my search, that is my specific focus on the applications of sub elements of communicative competence. Administrating the classroom observation checklist After completing the observation checklist pilot for more than a week in Russed secondary school and observing three teachers thereby confirming the ease of using it, I approached the other secondary school managers as well as teachers of English language at their secondary schools to schedule the test observations. Among the secondary schools that I visited were: Alsh 'ab secondary school, which is situated on the Northern side of the centre of Russed capital districts four kilometers away. I had already paid a visit to Alsh 'ab secondary school to get permissions from both the secondary school manager as well as English language teachers there. The first visit occurred because the school is out of the Cell phone coverage service and such arrangements could not be made by phoning . While getting the permissions and scheduling the times for observation, I returned to visit on (25/2/2015). In Alsh 'ab secondary school, the researcher observes two secondary school teachers there. One of them was teaching the first year students of the secondary school a lesson entitled, " The early days" where I spent nearly about 40 minutes observing the
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