Application Of Temporary Magnet Generators For Wind Systems

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Introduction Permanent Magnet Generators for wind systems are an integral part of the overall system, converting the mechanical energy from the turbine into electrical energy. But since wind is an inconsistent source of power, the generator must be able to adapt itself to power fluctuations, such as excess or shortage of load. Furthermore, standalone wind systems are provided with batteries which must be kept charged under all conditions when the power is available. Thus, a controller is necessary for wind generator to adapt itself to these fluctuations. A standalone wind system is composed of the following components: Turbine and tower Charge controller/Electrical Protection Unit Regulators Fuse Box Dump Load Resistors Battery…show more content…
The micro-controller will be used for sensing the battery voltage and the generator voltage and then switch on/off the DC loads accordingly. The top priority task is charging the battery, so it is given the first preference. After that, the additional power is used for loads. The switches on the load side are implemented using MOSFETs and the switches for connecting/disconnecting the battery are implemented using relays. Controlling the generator over-speed is done by shorting the stator on the AC side of the rectifier. Two relays, connected across the three phases of the generator are turned on/off by the same signal from the microcontroller. Using a resistive voltage divider configuration, the generator’s voltage and the battery voltage are monitored through the ADC of the ATmega8 microcontroller. The voltage divider configuration converts the full range of the generator voltage and the battery voltage to 0-5 V range. The output from this voltage divider configuration is then fed to the in-built ADC available inside the ATmega8 micro-controller. Battery bank and load sizing Average power available from wind generator = 20W The average power available was found by the wind data collected by the data logger that is currently placed at thankot. Power available time = 5hrs Energy (Average) from wind
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