Application Of The Additive Manufacturing

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INTRODUCTION Additive manufacturing has been developing since 19841. Charles hull invented it. In additive manufacturing 3 dimensional products are built by staking materials layer by layer. It is also known as 3D printing. The scope of technology is sky rocketed with the intervention of the fourth-dimension time, which is 4D printing technology. The interesting feature of 4D printing is it can transform from 1D to 3D shape, 1D surface to 3D shape, or can morph from 3D form to another form. In other words, the products can change and adapt to the external stimuli. This is a recent advancement in technology additive manufacturing combined concepts of shape memory materials and biomimetic composite In a TED conference Sky Tibbits head of MIT self-assembly lab, he presented, how 4D printed object will perform self-assemblies over time period. He demonstrated this process by using 3D printed multi-layer material. The multi-layer material was strands of standard plastics which has property of absorbing water. The material will expand and folded into particular design after absorbing water.

Recent development and researches in 4D printing Another demonstration of 4D printing conducted on long beach, CA, prefabricated modules placed in rotating chamber. The modules have a magnet at end. The magnet will activate only when the chamber attains particular temperature. At specified temperature, the magnets will attract each other and
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