Application Of The Design Process

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1. A summary based on your reflection on your application of the design process and success in communicating the concept or idea Ensuring the success in communicating design concepts and ideas is vital. Following a design process will usually mean that the client ends up with the highest quality design solution appropriate to their needs. Firstly, I always research my client, the target audience, the competitors in their field and current trends. Rather than getting straight on to the computer and starting to come up with design solutions you might think look amazing, may not meet the brief. So it 's important to do your research. It will save you time in the long run. Analysing the design brief can take a bit of time…show more content…
Seeking feedback from the target audience also helps to ensure the best possible design solution is developed for the client. By following this process I feel that I have successfully communicated the idea and created three design solutions that both meet the design brief and are of a high quality. 2. The role of experimentation in developing and refining your ideas When developing and refining my ideas for all three projects, I found that stepping away from the computer, (and even getting out my sketchbook) often helped the creative juices flow. While 'forced ' isn 't the correct word, it certainly helped to make me think outside of the box and come up with a number of design concepts, and revisions that I probably wouldn 't have thought of if I were staring at a screen all day. Stepping away from the computer also meant that I wouldn 't get caught in the trap of copying an idea that has already been done. 3.....A description of how your imagery and typography met the brief In portfolio project 1, the logo re-design for the Geelong Football Umpires ' League, both imagery and typography are equally important. When designing a logo there are many things to consider; and perhaps two of the most important factors are that they must be easily recognisable, and readable. I chose to use the unique shape/image of an AFL ball for the redesign, with an easily
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