Application Of The Health Belief Model. The Chosen Case

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Application of the Health Belief Model
The Chosen Case Study and Applicable Theorist
In the following paper, Marshall H. Becker’s theory of the “Health Belief Model” is going to be applied to a case study involving a burn patient. In the case study, the burn patient is a 2-year-old Native American girl that has a large second degree burn on her right foot. After being cared for in the Emergency Department, the mother was provided discharge instructions on how to care for wound. She was also notified that a public health nurse would be following up with her daughter’s care at home. Upon visitation, the public health nurse observed that the family lived in a house with a dirt floor on the reservation. Additionally, the nurse noticed that the
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Relevant Theoretical Concepts
Despite the fact that both the emergency nurse and the public health nurse have repeatedly provided the mother with wound care education on different occasions, it is clear that the mother is failing to adhere to the prescribed therapeutic regimen. However, in a case such as this one, it is crucial that the public health nurse identify possible barriers that could be affecting the mother’s compliance. Therefore, with emphasis placed on the health belief model, the public health nurse can apply the theoretical concepts of perceived severity and perceived benefit to assist her in identifying these barriers. The concept of perceived severity, also known as, perceived seriousness, is defined as identifying one’s belief of how serious a condition or disease is (,). Although, the perceived seriousness of a disease can vary among individuals, it is most often based on the individual’s knowledge and beliefs of the condition. Thus, the public health nurse must ask the mother questions to identify what the mother knows about the stages of wound healing, signs that indicate effective wound healing, signs that warrant an infection, how to cleanse the wound, and her beliefs in regard to caring for burns to assess her understanding of the severity that an infected wound may cause. In addition, the public health nurse should use terminology that is appropriate to the educational level of the mother and avoid the use of medical jargon in order to
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