Application Of The Knowledge Management System

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Abstract 2
Introduction 3
Review of KMS 4
Literature review of the KMS tools used by Celemi AB 5
Critical discussion and comparison of KMS tools used by the company 6
Conclusions 8
References 9

The purpose of the Knowledge Management System (KMS) is to collect, interpret and share the knowledge between the stakeholders of any community or organization. The very first thing KMS is the development of the knowledge which comes from learning, innovation, creativity and importation from the outside of any environment where KMS needs to be applied. A similar activity had been done by Celemi International AB; a service provider for the change management, when they developed a monitoring system for intangible asset management.
This paper seeks to develop an understanding of the KM model used by Celemi and its comparison and contrast with the other Knowledge Management models. Introduction
A knowledge management system is the collection, interpreting and sharing of the knowledge for the overall benefit of the organization (Ray, 2003). These types of systems tend to provide an approach and strategies to the companies through which they can transfer the knowledge in different sections and the department. The transferring or the sharing of the knowledge ultimately results in a sustainable development and continuous improvement of any organization (Singh, 2013).
This paper will summarize the KMS tools used by Celemi International AB while finding and…
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