Application Of The Ministry Of Defence

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1. Written communication is crucial to the way organisations conduct daily business. As technology, culture and how we correspond have rapidly changed over the years, so too has the style and formatting of documents. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) requires written communication to be formatted and structured in a particular way in order to provide clear and concise information passage. Many large organisations and corporations have implemented their own method or ‘house styling’ to ensure standardisation. Joint Service Publication (JSP) 101 serves as the MODs ‘house style’ when it comes to formatting all written communication. With email, shared electronic workspaces and digital media dominating the way the MOD communicate, JSP 101 must be analysed to ensure it is fit for purpose within the digital age. This assignment will examine key areas in regarding to JSP 101 such as its functions, relevance in the digital age, any associated advantages and disadvantages associated.

Overview of JSP 101

2. JSP 101 is the Defence writing (DW) guide for the MOD . The publication sets out guidelines, rules and regulations which are to be used by serving personnel and civilian staff when producing documentation. It contains the principles for effective writing and presentation, whilst also helping the user structure the document correctly. The importance of standardisation is also highlighted within the publication as a section explains how to construct written work
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