Application Of The Nursing Process Of Care Essay

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Introduction Using the nursing process of care, Mr Camilleri will undergo the processes of assessment, diagnostics, planning, implementation of care, and evaluation of care. The process of care includes the primary assessment followed by secondary assessment and then a focused assessment which will assess the factors that are likely the cause of the health problem. The data will then be compiled to identify health problems, create and implement a plan of care, and be evaluated regarding improvements and effectiveness of the intervention. Assessing As soon as Mr Camilleri enters the ward, the primary or initial assessment would have been conducted as soon as possible. “DRABC” is a part of the initial assessment. The environment should be checked in order to eliminate any dangers and to ensure the area is safe for yourself, Mr Camilleri and others. This may include objects or aggressive visitors that may cause harm. Secondly, the patient’s responsiveness is checked. The “AVPU” grading scale could be used to measure the patient’s responsiveness which help indicate the level of consciousness. This scale rapidly assesses the patient’s “Alertness”, “Verbal” response”, response to “pain” and if the patient is “Unresponsive” (Anne Kelly, Upex, & Bateman, 2004). Mr Camilleri is given a score to help provide a baseline for the nurses and other health professionals. Mr Camilleri’s airway will then be assessed, inspecting and clearing any objects that is blocking the passageway for
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