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Please accept my application for your position. Having reviewed the description of the position on your website, I am confident that my over eight years of experience in mathematical education with people of various socioeconomic and multicultural backgrounds will make me a powerful asset to your institution.

During the early part of my career in tutorial services, I spent over four years working at Mt. San Jacinto College. As a general tutor, I assisted students from various socioeconomic backgrounds and learning styles, including students from the Disabled Student Support Services office in overcoming difficulties in their education. In Supplemental Instruction (SI), I helped at risk classes overcome low-grade turnouts and high drop-outs rates through mentoring and tutoring. In fact, I am the only person to have a full letter grade improvement with participants in pre-algebra, due to my unique group designed activates and teaching methods. Beyond tutoring and mentoring, I also hosted the San Jacinto campuses’ math workshops, helping students and the community participants overcome math anxiety and facilitate their understanding of various approaches to solving algebraic concepts.

In my more recent career history in tutorial services, I managed a Sylvan Learning center as the Director of Education (DE). As DE, I personally trained and certified all fifteen of my educational staff in the delivery of specialized educational plans for over 500 students a year. Many of the
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