Application Of The Principles Of Primary Health Care

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This individual reflection on the group work will present how I have seen the application of the principles of Primary Health Care (PHC) through the roles of the community health workers (CHW) in making health care more accessible. In addition, some strategies will be suggested to address the critical bottlenecks that hinder the effectiveness of the CHWs. Having the experience of working as a District Health Officer, this reflection will highlight most significant areas that I feel require attention to improve the health system in the country. This reflection will be based on the two case studies of CHWs in Malawi and Sri Lanka namely, the Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs) and Eye Health Promoters, respectively.
Application of PHC Principles in the Case Studies
There is strong evidence of equity in the case of the HSAs in Malawi and the Eye Heath Promoters in Sri Lanka. By using the Eye Health Promoter program from Sri Lanka whereby people older than 60 years form the Elder’s Clubs as forums for getting preventive health services such as eye screening, Non-Communicable Disease screenings, health education as well as discussing cultural issues, child care, and food security, it is possible to ensure continuation of care that we provide to patients through outreach clinics or medical or cataract surgical camps in Malawi without follow-up by using similar established groups in the community. These programs are reaching rural and vulnerable groups of people who would
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