Application Of The Quick Bite

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The ‘Quick Bite’ is a mobile application that allows the customers to place an order for their favorite food by themselves without waiting for someone to come to them and taken an order. The customer who wants to use this service he/she has to download the application of the restaurants in prior to the visit of the restaurant. Once the application has been downloaded customer just need to connect to a WI-FI of the service provider so that it automatically allows the application to display the This application might be very useful in countries like India because I have gone through many restaurants and I have experienced the waiting time for someone to take an order. There may be situations when there or more number of people visited a restaurant then it takes more time to place an order because they need to finalize what they are going to have. So, the Quick bite application would definitely make the things quite simpler. The problem I am trying to solve is the waiting period a customer waits for someone to take an order or when there are a group of customers there would be more discussions on what food to order. So the best answer would be the ‘Quite Bite application’. There are good benefits with this application like it would be the customer who could order his food whenever he is ready to order. This would definitely saves time for customers and they would feel the advancement in the technology and will like the interface. I would
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