Application Of The System Analysis

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Perspective 1 elements The purposes Application of ‘Perspective 1’ of the SoSE methodology to frame the construction project. 1. Generalize the wide context of the system under study This is one of the most important steps when system analysis is performed. The objective of system analysis is to move the system to the desired stage. Goal, input, and output of the system of interest will be identified in this step. It is important to know those elements along with circumstances, factors, conditions, values, and patterns of the system of interest. This step basically generates the framework/scope of the system analysis process. The goal of the construction project is to produce the building within time and cost constraint. The input of…show more content…
This is a very important notion in the system analysis. As mentioned earlier, there will always be changes in construction. Not only are there changes in SoS, there are also changes from the environment. Construction could be considered in Hyper-turbulent conditions. Stable methods with static bounding will be ineffective in this type of condition (Adams & Meyers, Perspective 1 of the SoSE methodology: framing the system under study, 2011). I think that one of the important things to deal with this is the notion of resilience and the evaluation of human performance (at base level). This is because when something occurs in SoS, it will have ability to bounce back to a viable stage. For the evaluation of human performance, there are three tasks that need to be taken into account – production work, information processing, and decision making (Zhu & Mostafavi, 2014). 4. Present the system domain as characteristically complex This element is about identification whether the system of interest is a SoSE problem. There are eight generic complex SoSE characteristics (Adams & Meyers, 2011). Once the characteristics of SoSE are evident, we then realize how to tackle the system. System of interest’s characteristics are elaborated in Table 1. Moreover, it can be classified as SoS. 5. Frame the SoSE problem This element provides the problem in a diagram. The rich picture is one of the
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