Application Of The Traditional Enterprise Architecture Essay

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The traditional enterprise architecture, is currently using MPLS as a sole mean for connectivity with small internet traffic. Due to recent shifts in the marketplace the traditional architecture is challenging to satisfy todays enterprise environments.
The shift includes emerging technologies that require emerging cloud computing, video and technologies. Networking departments face a challenge with organization and resulting in performance issues, requiring extensive network re-design.
Managed Software Defined SD WAN will sort out the disruption that organization experience with Application Aware Routing. Application Aware Routing (AAR) is a better way to cloud application. AAR is a network capability that can match requirements and meet network conditions. Network Hybrid functions could allow predictability, quality services and reduce cost. Running an application over a private network vs. the internet may be undistinguishable World Wide.
Current Availability SD-WAN app is available to customers within the US with Cisco and Viptela platforms. Gathering our SA’s and Account Managers assessing the opportunities alongside with SD-WAN. Completing a competitive analysis will provide insight between Verizon’s capability to meet customers’ needs against our competitors. Sales, Management and Architects begin collaboration with engineers to understand the aspects of the development and implementation with large projects.

1.2. Anticipated Outcome
Verizon has to
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