Application Of The Verification Program

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This letter is generated in response to the Post-Review Findings (PRF) Program PRF Notice associated with Collaborative, Technical and CompreHensive (CTCH) Security Business Consulting, LLC, DUNS# 080392115. The PRF Notice generated by the Center for Verification and Evaluation outlines two key factors: 1. “Outside employment impact [38 CFR § 74.4(c)(1)]” and 2. “Full-time devotion [38 CFR § 74.4(c)(3)].” Finding 1 outlined that: “According to 48 CFR § 3.601(a), “a contracting officer shall not knowingly award a contract to a Government employee or to a business concern or other organization owned or substantially owned or controlled by one or more Government employees.” The purpose of the Verification Program is to enable eligible…show more content…
CTCH does not intend to pursue Federal Contracts as a ‘Prime Contractor’ until the proprietor has retired from Federal Service; at which point CTCH would be legally eligible to pursue Federal Contracts. - CTCH’s proprietor also is aware of sub-contracting opportunities that may be presented by a ‘Prime Contractor’; in which case CTCH’s proprietor would obtain guidance from the Judge Advocate as outlined in Enclosure (1). Finding 1 also outlines: “Accordingly, there is insufficient information to determine how the Veteran’s outside employment impacts his ability to manage and control the applicant. - CTCH is a sole proprietorship LLC that is owned and operated by its CEO. CTCH has not affiliation with the DOD; and vice versa. The organizations proprietor is in full control of CTCH and effectively manages the organization to his fullest potential. Finding 2 outlines: “It appears that at least some work is performed during the Veteran’s tour of duty with the Department of Defense. Some of the time required to perform duties for the applicant appears to overlap with the Veteran’s fulltime employment. This is noted by the Veteran in the following statement: “When company projects/action items arise, I take annual leave to address all business-related action items; or address them during designated breaks/lunch hours. In order to aid Collaborative, Technical and Comprehensive, Security Business Consulting mission goals I utilize
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