Application Of Theories For Business Decisions

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On the following pages i will explain and analyse what is customers and to gain the greater understanding of needs, wants and attitudes of them with application of theories. Also I will explain what market is and I will discuss types of information needed to support marketing decisions.

1.What is customer?
Customer is the receiver of a good, product etc. .Acquired from a seller, supplier via a transaction or exchange for money or something other valuable.
External and internal customers
Customers are divided into two classes (internal, external):
1. An external customer of an organization is the customer who is not directly connected with the organization.
2. An internal customer of an organization is a customer
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5. Options Customers need to feel that other revenues are available.

Keys to identify the customer’s needs:
-To ensure the customer satisfaction.
-To identify needs you have to ask the right questions.
-Check for additional needs.
-Use experience and knowledge to offer the right products and services to meet the customer’s needs.
Customer wants
Wants are a not exactly the same of needs and are largely dependent on the needs of humans themselves.
Our wants come from of our personal experience and might demand from countries to country. Also in lots of times the cultures and tradition in some countries Some important wants of the customers:
-To listen what they saying.
-They want speed to the service.
-They need value.
-Positive surprise.

Different between needs and wants:
Wants is a step up in the order of need, and is something that people desire to have. Needs is necessary for people such as the food, a home etc. From the other hand the wants are not very necessary for people because they can live without them such us a bike or a pool in the house. Attitudes of costumers
Attitude in marketing means: A characteristic or future of a product that is thought to appeal to customers. For example attitude of a coffee may include the aroma, the quality of the coffee, packaging and the presentation of it. Some important customer service attributes:
The customer’s service should have a variety of
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