Application Paper : Organizational Communication Theory

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December 2, 2015 Alethea Hong Chan COM 314 Organizational Theory Dr. Horowitz Alethea Hong Chan COM 314 Organizational Communication Theory Dr. Horowitz December 2, 2015 Application paper Identified by consumers the most recognizable brand in the real estate field, Century 21 West Coast Brokers is a real estate agency aiming to provide brand marks, generate people-oriented organization, as well as communicative and innovative technologies. I work as an administrative assistant as I create advertisements and perform marketing tasks in helping to lease and sell our office properties. Working as a real estate administrative assistant, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with a variety of people at…show more content…
“In a very basic sense, we grow up learning about what work means” (Miller, 2014, p.121). Even when similar background like this may be relatable, it is natural and necessary for me to go through the first stage of socialization- anticipatory stage. Anticipatory socialization is the socialization process that occurs before newcomers enter the organization. Going through job searching processes, I am able to learn about Century 21 West Coast Brokers itself as a company, along with its mission goals and core values. As I apply for this specific job position, it is when I first learn about the requirement of my job responsibility. I may be confused and worried that this may not be the right and best job for me, because I still do not have a clear direction and feeling for what this job is going to be like. As mentioned in the book, interviews are served as recruiting and screening tool, information-gathering tool, and socialization tool. I am fortunate to have received a call for an interview where it has given me an opportunity to see a realistic picture of the company itself as well as to ease my uncertainty by asking questions during the interview. The second stage, encounter phase, occurs when I was hired and began working at Century 21 West Coast Brokers. “Louis describes the encounter experience as one of change, contrast, and surprise, and she argues that the newcomer must work
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