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Zach Shook
Professor Donaldson
PSY 210
13 October 2013
Application Paper The movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, was centered around a man named Randle McMurphy who was admitted to the Oregon State Hospital against his will. He quickly made it obvious that he would not comply with the rules and made an enemy named Nurse Ratched. His deviance inevitably led to the sealing of his own fate when his actions became more pronounced and more severe. Throughout his stay, he was denied many of his rights as a mental patient and was subjected to wrongful treatment from the staff of the institution. According to the text, abnormality can be defined by comparing the behavior of the person in question to a set of criteria. This set of
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These events are commonly known as delusions and could be an indicator of being mentally disturbed (Nevid et al. 6). In the movie, Randle McMurphy did not exhibit behaviors that indicate a faulty perception or interpretation of reality. In fact, the only instances in which he did not fully know what was happening or the gravity of the situation was when he was not completely informed; not because he was delusional.
Another criterion for determining whether or not a person is behaving abnormally is if they are experiencing significant personal distress. This is another instance in which certain levels are acceptable during certain situations, but it becomes an indicator when this distress is persistent over a long period of time. Also, it is considered an indicator if the person experiences such intense emotion that it prevents them from functioning normally (Nevid et al. 6). In the movie, Randle McMurphy did not exhibit significant personal distress, at least not to the level that would begin to classify him as abnormal. Towards the end of the film, he witnessed Billy Bibbit commit suicide in one of the bedroom. Randle immediately blamed Nurse Ratched for his death because she was threatening to expose his actions to his mother. As soon as Randle saw Billy’s body on the floor, he began to choke Nurse Ratched and almost succeeded in killing her. This would not be
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