Application Paper : School Climate

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Application Paper: School Climate

School climate has been a popular educational issue for decades with students, families, teachers, and other educational leaders looking for ways to foster and develop the learning and achievement of students. Research has supported what teachers’ and parents have said for years; that schools should be safe and supportive environments, in which students have positive social relationships and are respected, are engaged in their work, and feel competent in their ability to do so. Some describe school climate as the feeling you get when you walk into a building. Do you feel welcomed? Safe? Included? Or do you feel lost? Tense? Unwelcome? When students, parents, educators, and community members walk into a school they are able to quickly form judgments about what it would be like to attend and work in that school. A positive school climate is about creating an inclusive school setting where all students can achieve to their individual potential.
School climate fosters the student development and learning that is necessary to be productive, contributing members of society. It teaches students, families, and educators alike about the quality and character or school life in a particular school building. This quality and character can be described as a patterns of experiences within a building and reflects building norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, teaching, learning, leadership practices, and organizational structures. All of…

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