Application Plan For A Single Software System

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Leadtek Corporation September 10 2014 Business Report Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 3 II. Introduction 3 III. Main Body 4 IV. Recommendations 8 V. Reference List 12 I. Executive Summary Anderson (2014) said “ERP implementations rarely fail in formulation; however, they frequently fail in implementation.” It does not in with just purchasing an ERP system. A well designed implementation plan is the company’s ticket to success. A well designed implementation plan addresses all potential bottlenecks like execution problems such as lack of training, attitude and participation of the entire workforce from leaders to staff, and member selection for the whole ERP project implementation team. An ERP project is…show more content…
Though these are key success factors, the right understanding of what the project is all about is the first most pivotal. A company about to take on implementing an ERP solution must embrace the fact that it is not only an IT project but a huge business project. For Leadtek Corporation, the aforementioned factors are lacking. It is the purpose of this business report to point out the problems and determine what caused them. These setbacks will be then be recommended with corresponding solutions or possible preventive measures towards the end of the report. III. Main Body Regardless of what industry your business is a part of, implementing an ERP system is a crucial venture that must be taken seriously for it necessitates strong commitment by the project team and solid support by the business leaders for guaranteed success. It is a known fact that ERP deployment is among the most costly, labour-intensive, lengthy, and complicated tasks a project team can take on. Poor planning is a recipe for ERP project failure as planning is a vital part of the whole project process. A lot of organizations do not carry out enough straightforward planning before they start down the path. It is good that in the initial attempt of Leadtek Corporation, the standard ERP implementation methodology of involving a Definition Phase was done since it is during this phase where in requirements
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