Application Process For The Field Of Information Technology, And Customer Service Essay

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DATE HERE This Essay is a part of my application process to become a student in the College of Management (COM). My experiences and passion for the field of Information Technology, and Customer Service are highlighted within this essay. Prior to my relocation to the United States, I worked in United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA Plc); one of the leading financial institutions having the largest presence in Nigeria, and sub-Saharan Africa. At UBA, where I worked for 7 years, I was privileged to work both as a Customer Relationship Officer as well as an IT Service Support Representative. In both capacities, I was responsible for providing excellent customer service to internal and external customers. In my earlier years in UBA as a Customer Relationship Officer, my main objective was providing exemplary customer service which primarily included the resolution of customers’ financial needs, i.e., cash and non-cash transactions as well as maintaining customer data/information. As my superiors became aware of my dedication to work, quintessential customer service, collaboration with the IT support team, and educational attainments in the field of Computer Science, I was promoted to Team Member, IT Operations (Branch). As an IT support staff, my role centered on gathering up-to-date information about users, and providing desktop, network, and application support to various business office users within assigned locations. Before joining UBA, my internship took place at
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