Application Security Testing

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Application security is the use of hardware, software and procedural methods in order to protect applications from internal or external threats. As more and more applications are becoming accessible over networks, they are being exposed to wide variety of threats as well. Even the most sophisticated application security systems are prone to breaches, and demand stringent automated and manual test strategies at each stage of software development life cycle (SDLC). In this paper, we will gain basic understanding of the different kinds of application security vulnerabilities, and methodical planning to mitigate the associated risks.

Markets are being flooded with applications each day in several domains. As these applications are getting increasingly complex and visually appealing, they are also becoming the main source of data and security breaches.

A recent survey of security breaches at Fortune 500 companies showed that breaches in information security could result in annual financial losses of up to $24 billion. With that said, 90% of large corporations have found one or more breaches in their computer security and even worse, 70% of those detected breaches were considered severe, many resulting in proprietary information theft and financial fraud. Hackers can use several different paths through any application to harm the business. If the companies secure host and network-level entry points, focus of attacks usually shifts to the public interfaces. Each path
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